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Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Tanks for Me

I am a bit disappointed in the Sweet Tea (rose) as when I changed
colors for the short rows the new yarn, although of the same dye lot,
is lighter. It looks like it has a stripe right across the bust
line. In person it does not show as brightly as it does in the
photo. I am wondering if I can dye this to look all the same
color....??? Anyone have any experience coloring Cotton-Ease?? I
made a size 45 but it is too large for me. Looks fine under a jacket
or sweater.

The Cameo is a size smaller, and still a tad larger than I'd like. I
love the yarn, and even though it is really shiny, it looks good with
a pair of jeans. Just the right color. It is a 42, so I think the
next one I make will be a size 40 and see if that fits. My problem is
that I have bulges where one should NOT have them, so it can't be too

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