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Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Little Catie

I think you may know that my BFF Bev and I split up a twin set of the 15" American Girl dolls.  I have been lazy about doing anything for my little Catie, so when Bev designed an angelic little shrug I just had to have it. The only baby yarn I had available was variegated so it doesn't match her clothes....but it is so cute! Now I feel inspired to start making her some clothes!  Isn't she cute! Looks just like me....ahem...well, perhaps when I was a kid!

Well - even today my bangs are STILL crooked!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Yet another swap

Here are 8 more squares - so hard to make anything but a beautiful square when using Vanna's Choice!

So - now we are doing a new swap called the Granny McPhee afghan swap.  I don't know who Granny McPhee is, but from the photo I take it that it has something to do with a movie for kids! Right?

Well, these are just four row granny squares to match the afghan "look" except the ones we are doing seem to be doubly bright compared to the Granny McPhee afghan.

These are my first two...and from someone who never liked granny squares, this is strange. Mainly because I'M LOVING THESE! ;o)  The top one is suppose to have a Mint edging, but it looks a bit blue.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Starting a New Swap

I'm adding photos of the squares as I make them...this swap is based on the pattern by Doris Chan - an afghan based on the famous Italian designs/colors.  Here is the link, Provencal and it is a pattern in the Lion Brand: Just Gifts booklet.  We aren't using the pattern, but are just basing the colors and "look" on the photo of the afghan.

These are for the Provencal Swap - most people want Scarlet as their background to match the original afghan pattern - I and Mugsy chose Duckie, the bright yellow, as our background.The bottom yellow one is for her - the other two Scarlet ones are for "whomever".  The rest of the group all seem to have the same color request!

Boy, these sure are BRIGHT. :o) Quite a few to go.  First I have to finish the Hexagon afghan....soon.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Home Again!

I'm back!

It was an interesting trip down south...seems all the tragedies and bad weather followed me wherever I went...just like the last time I traveled across country.  Tornados and thunder storms across Arkansas and Mississippi, some tornado activity in Georgia and a poor young man found drown in Savannah who was missing for two months.  That was sad.

My friends in Mississippi moved from the Gulf Coast after the last two hurricanes due to damage on their home there.  This year they have been narrowly missed by a tornado, so are now talking about moving back to Idaho! ;o)  They won't, but I do understand how they feel.

So have you seen the Savannah area? It's beautiful - this is called Skidaway Island, off the coastal area of Savannah. My dear friend and her hubby live there (18 years) and it is a golf course community. No fences allowed so they have those electric underground security fences to keep their animals inside the yard. There are alligators in the lagoons. (Gives me goose bumps).

Great food, great company, and a very relaxing time. Southern Time. Can't get better than that! Warmer than here, but it wasn't hot. Just right!

Spanish Moss is so beautiful hanging in the trees. I was told that it doesn't act as a parasite and doesn't take from the tree, but eventually it can smother the tree if people don't take it down every so often.

Of course, the houses are gorgeous, too! You really should visit!