Today is the FIRST day of the rest of your life!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Speaks for itself!

So, today started out like this:  I catch hubby putting real coffee in the coffee machine instead of the 1/2 decaf I am suppose to have (keeps me away, make my blood pressure too high, etc.) and he played dumb.

Then went on my errands and past the post office by mistake as I chatted away with the doggies about Daddy.  Grrrrrrr!

Then made it to the LYS to show off my new Patent Pending design and they were closed for another 1/2 hour.

Drove to the local shop to have things wrapped and mailed. They were closed all day on Saturdays.

Drove to JoAnn's to pick up yet ANOTHER skein of yarn as I have picked up the wrong one twice.  Want to finish a scarf for my BFF.  At this rate she won't get it until December for Christmas.  They didn't have it.

Went back to LYS to talk about my invention. Not suitable for knitting unless it is for Fair Isle, and then it is too big as knitters who do that work don't us crappy acrylic yarn that is big and bulky, but nice sweet wonderful, skinny, expensive yarn, and my invention is WAY too big. :-(  Pick up some pointers, leave.

Picked up lunch. Yuck.

Pull down visor, which was suppose to be fixed (spent an hour in the shop earlier in week) and it was still broken. Drove to Toyota and they fixed it. Went home.

Home now....try to figure out what to do about the yarn. Pull up Naturally Caron and look at colors in Country. Not there. NOT THERE???????  What?????? No wonder I can't find it. They don't carry it any longer!!!!  NOT POSSIBLE!!!! I'm only half way done with the scarf!!!!

Sort though skeins, looking, looking - pulling them all out and have one stray Bamboo Ewe from Red Heart.  Notice it is very similar to one of the colors.  Pull out stray wrapping from bottom of tote. Hmmmm????  Red Heart.  Hmmmm????  Look up colors.  Matches scarf.

I have a headache.  Now know why the scarf colors are not available any longer in Caron. I am using a different yarn!!!!!  I have a really BIG headache.  I'm going to take a nap - AFTER I drive back to JoAnn's and pick up the right colors in the right yarn.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Andy's gonna cry,
Ann is gonna bawl,
If we can't Make a Deal
With Monty Hall

Dee, as Ann. As her mom made the costume, I (of course) had to be Andy. I think over all I was cuter anyway! ;o)

My BFF, Beverooni, asked that I go ahead and post what happened the day that a group of friends went to Let's Make a Deal right after high school.  I hope you laugh as much as I FINALLY did!   ;o)  I edited it again to make a little more sense when reading.

"As I lived in CA I was able to attend a couple of those game shows. Got some earrings I kept when Bob Barker yelled "Come on Down!"   In the show "Let’s Make a Deal" - where everyone wears costumes - I was dressed as Raggedy Andy and a friend was Raggedy Ann. Her mom made the costumes so of course, I had to be the boy.
"When they came to the side of the street where people were lined up the show people walked up and down in front of crowd and those that cheered the loudest and moved around a lot got picked. I was SOOOO shy that it all embarrassed me - especially as I was the one dressed as a boy (I was cute, though). Dee was nuttier than a fruitcake and screaming and jumping and waving the sign that they grabbed her (they do grab you and pull you out of the crowd) and she turned around and grabbed me. She was so determined that I come, too, and she was so loud and spirited, that they let her take me with her! My life. Following Dee around. Then in the audience they sat me next to a lady with a HUGE Mexican hat and blocked my face all the time so I couldn’t see what they were doing or when they were looking my way to pick during the taping. Drove me nuts. By that time I was so frustrated I wanted to bash that lady in the head and throw her hat across the room like a Frisbee! (I was 18 at this time). Wouldn’t have matter, I was still too embarrassed to make a fool of myself any further than wearing the Andy costume! 
"The worst part of the trip was that we were on old busses going TO the game shows in LA and I got on before taking a leak….so when they FINALLY stopped, so was I...stopped up! I could not pee for the world. Dee was running up and down flushing all the toilets, running water in the sinks, finally found something to put warm water in and gave it to me to put my fingers in it! :o) OMG, we started laughing so hard and NOTHING was working and EVERYONE was on the bus and the driver kept coming to the door knocking on it!
"It was finally all the laughing that got me started and, as my dear sweet mother would say, I pissed like a race horse! STILL makes me laugh thinking about that part of the trip!"

Monday, April 5, 2010


I was looking at my blog today and see that Sonya signed up I went to check her out.  WOW!  That's about all I can say. WOW!  She has some of the cutest patterns posted or linked on her site.  In the last week sometime she posted some cute little chickie critters, and if you click on this link to "Curly Girl's Crochet Etc...." you will find that she has all sorts of bunnies and chickies and other assorted cutie pies posted by photos and links. Some free, some patterns for sale, but all WONDERFUL!

My BFF Bev had me start a project with her.  Her project is a scarf, mine is I don't know what...most likely some sort of afghan or lapghan when I'm done.  I'm going to do it sort of log-cabinish in crochet.  Unfortunately, I have not been in the great mood that Bev has made part of her life!!! HOWEVER, today is a better day for me and I plan on imortalizing that in my 'thingy' just shortly!

My brother called me yesterday just as the 7.2 quake hit Mexico (Baja California).  It was located just short of the mouth of the Colorado River outlet into the bay/inlet there in Baja.  As we were talking I was on the USGS site to see about the quake and it's epicenter as he said it felt like it was under his feet (100 miles away actually) and saw that within a minute, or nearly the exact same time a small one hit at the other end of the fault line (they say they aren't related) in northern California.  Then one after another little red dots kept popping up for the after shocks. I hear they are still rockin' and rollin' down there!

We might have snow again tomorrow - only a tad last week. I keep hoping it will pile up in the mountains so that we have a good Spring and Summer for the farmers in the area.

I will leave you with the photo of the scarf I finished and mailed off for an Itsy Bitsy swap on Ravelry.  It was kind of fun to make, but think that next time I do a skinny scarf I will use a thinner yarn.  This one is made from Country, a Bamboo and Wool blend by Naturally Caron.  I used a 'C' hook (2.5 mm Clover soft touch) so it's a bit tight....soft though!  The pattern is 1/2 of a pattern found in a magazine and I just used the gauge swatch instructions so that it was the right size!  I think it was called the Wedding Pattern. (-;

Sunday, April 4, 2010



Thursday, April 1, 2010

Only one more square to go .....

This is the Play Misty Afghan for my SIL in Denver. She and hubby have a western/Navajo type decor and so I picked these 3 colors in the swap. I am so pleased with the results! Peggy in California knitted a beautiful Kokopelli, the ambassador to the Southwest! He is the most well known Indian symbol and is generally depicted as old, & bent under his heavy load with his flute. So cool!

One more square is on its way, so I will be able to put this baby together! (when I finish the hexagon for my SIL in Michigan first!) I think I'll use all three colors for the outside border and perhaps do something similar to the squares to get them all up to the same measurements.

Beautiful, eh?