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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lynne's slippers

These are for my red headed, rambunctious, vivacious, lively, lovely
redheaded niece. I am making them frivolous and funny and warm. The
original colors I had picked out were not loud enough, or fun enough.
Then the blue wasn't either, but I had already made all the bottom decided to have fun with them. The pink and black heel
that you see will match the front which will be mostly pink.
Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to the washing instructions
until after the second heel was finished....she will have to hand wash
them, or wash in the delicate cycle, and air dry. Guess I'll have to
make her another pair that are not quite as strange!

Baby Brett's Stuff

This blanket is soft, soft, soft! I think when I get around to making
an afghan for me I'm going to use this Boucle. I just put this
together and it isn't anything grand. Just nice.

The camo sweater and cap don't seem to match as far as age ... I am
not sure he can wear them at the same time! But, loved the little
sweater. I also sent him the rust colored one which will fit him late
in the winter, I hope! Probably winter 2009! I just am not good with

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bro's Afghan Finished

I finished the last few rows and then started in on the stripes going
up and down the afghan. That took two days, and then the last day or
weaving in ends and putting the border around it. Way too many ends!
I should do them as I got.

We met for breakfast on my last day there so I could give them their
presents. Took too long as his birthday was in May! At least they
are done, and it is quite beautiful if I do say so myself.

Cindy's Jean Bolero

I was able to put my down time to good use while in San Diego...busy
hands are happy hands! I finished the bolero and gave it to Cindy,
which was no big chore as I only needed to weave in the ends. It sure
looks cute on her!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby Sweater #2

This is another of my own creations, with the help of Casual Boucle by Sensation's yarn from JoAnne's. I did not make the turtleneck! The yarn is a dream because it crochets into a light fabric instead of the bulk you are expecting. Instead of a chunky sweater this one is light and thin and airy. I love the way it made polka dots all on it's
own! I suppose it could almost pass for Fair Isle crochet. I'm going back for more of this (when it is on sale) to buy enough to make a sweater for my Sisters. Perhaps one for each of us so we can have our photo taken in "look alike" sweaters!

Baby Sweater

Although these are the same two sweaters, the do look a bit different
in color. The second darkest one with the sleeves unrolled is the
true color. This is a bulky yarn from Lion's Brand called Homespun in
a cranberry color. Don't remember the real color name. It works up
quickly, but takes a bit more than one skein for an 18 month sweater.
I bought several to make some for myself in variegated colors of
greens and blues so hope to make a V-neck sweater some day for me!