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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Valentine Tea Placemat and Coaster Set

Filet set designed by Deborah Burger

I was pleased to help her do a test of the design.  After I tried to design (from an existing potholder) a potholder I have every bit of respect there is for a person who can design something so stunning.  It isn't easy!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tunisian Squares

The first square is the first one I have received. There are four that I have I sent to others, and I made up the kitty in the simple stitch, which is the one I'm keeping. They don't look square in the photographs, but they did block out square . The first turquoise one is in Tunisian Simple Stitch and then Tunisian Knit Stitch done in a checkered pattern. The blue one below that is called the Tunisian Cross Stitch, and the block is done in just the simple stitch switching colors. The last one is what I call the Harlequin Square and it is also done in the simple stitch, made with Vanna's Choice. The others are made with Moda Dea's washable wool, which I am finding I love.

One thing about the wool - when you put it in Soak® it softens and stretches WAY out! I think I'll make a capelet or sweater or something that I'd like to stretch (and be soft!).

Sunday, March 8, 2009

12" Colonial Blue Square

Just another 12" Square. This one came from Jean Leinhauser's book "101 Crochet Squares."  Square #29 - with more added.  I  should have added a border - at least one sc round.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Heidi's Serphina Shawl in Rainbow Boucle

Seraphina Shawl for Heidi - Batwings!  This is Dona's design, and seems to be one of the most popular shawls I see on Ravelry.  I have already made two and bought yarn to make two more!  The pattern is fairly easy once you get past the initial six rows.  It will all sort of jell in your mind all of a sudden.  On this page (which takes awhile to download due to the large photos) she has lots of photos showing exactly how to go about starting the shawl, how it looks after you start, along the way, and after you finish.  She has done a wonderful job so even a novice could make this shawl easily.  You can make it longer or shorter, according to your needs, likes, and taste.  

The photo is from Bron's Blog - her version of the Seraphina Shawl showing just how lovely it can be in a not so expensive yarn.  Jo-Ann's Sensations Rainbow Boucle. Somewhere between $6.00-$8.00 if on sale.

Husbands Afghan

This is made with Vanna's Choice from Lion Brand, except the white which is a boucle from Bernat.  Don't remember the name.

The stitch is found in many different patterns with many different names. Basically it is called a "Crazy Stitch" or a "Box Stitch" ... where you chain three, double crochet three, sc to the fabric across the row.  On the way back you then chain three at the top corner of the first pass across and then do the 3 dc inside the chain three.  I think if you click on the photo it will come up in a larger view and you will be able to see the pattern emerge on the while stitches.  I didn't use a pattern for this...just made it with yarn left over from my brother's afghan using the same stitch all the way through.