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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tunisian Squares

The first square is the first one I have received. There are four that I have I sent to others, and I made up the kitty in the simple stitch, which is the one I'm keeping. They don't look square in the photographs, but they did block out square . The first turquoise one is in Tunisian Simple Stitch and then Tunisian Knit Stitch done in a checkered pattern. The blue one below that is called the Tunisian Cross Stitch, and the block is done in just the simple stitch switching colors. The last one is what I call the Harlequin Square and it is also done in the simple stitch, made with Vanna's Choice. The others are made with Moda Dea's washable wool, which I am finding I love.

One thing about the wool - when you put it in Soak® it softens and stretches WAY out! I think I'll make a capelet or sweater or something that I'd like to stretch (and be soft!).

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