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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hexagon and Rose/Pink swaps

I originally thought the hexagons were going to be a real pain to make, but it turns out that they are very easy, and flow fast. This hex was adapted from another pattern. As long as the pattern has six "things" in it, you can fill it in and make six sides easily. I did the first four rows and then just did the normal sc at the tall areas working my way down until I was doing a 3 tr in the middle of one side. In this particular swap there is a rule that you must have the last round in Olive (all Vanna's Choice, mind you) so you have to be careful of the colors. The very first one I made was red with some blue and white - made it look more like a flag. It did not look right with the Olive border. However, the bright jewel colors really are highlighted when it is added.

The Rose/Pink square is one I have made a couple of times before. I love the way the pinks blend in with one another for a very peaceful square. Some people call these types of squares "quiet" squares.

I am thinking of doing my next post on the making of a toy....something for my granddaughters....and sharing the pattern. I am putting together an afghan that is bright and showy, and felt that an animal and some blocks might do the trick to make a nice set. :o)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Three "new" Pink/Rose Swap Squares

The first one is the Rosy Dawn I finished earlier. I was not happy with the way it turned out, and so added the rose in the middle. That, and the given name, reminded me of a song from my younger days, Delta Dawn (what's that flower you've got on). Needless to say, I have renamed my square. ;o)

The second one is the Elizabeth Square by Chris Simon. I really really love the Dusty Pink and how it makes the other pinks blend in. I believe this to be a really gorgeous "Victorian" type square.

Last, but not least, is my second Diamond Square. It is exactly the same as the other, with one small change in a sc row. This is another square I love a lot.

Although I am changing colors quiet a bit per square, I am not having trouble with
doing my way of cutting at the end of each row. It is very relaxing to me for some reason. I had read that many Russian patterns call for the yarn to be but and then start all over again from the original side and go across again. At one time I thought that it was a practice borne out of madness, but now I'm starting to like the idea a lot! As a matter of fact, if I don't cut the yarn and start with my air crochet stitch, I am finding it difficult on a sc row as to which loop is actually the loop into which I am suppose to slip stitch.

I think I'll make several Elizabeth squares for myself, as well as some additional Diamond Squares to dot the Pink/Rose afghan throughout, giving it some continuity.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Air Crochet by Cat

Hold yarn with end in right hand, skein to left, yo twice

Put hook through corner to start first dc of the row

yo and pull up a loop

yo, pull through 2 loops 

yo, pull through last 2 loops - just made dc (you may need to tighten the yarn end to pull the dc together a bit)

continue making all stitches on row

At end of row (NOTE: pattern in photo is granny shells, i.e.  there is a space before beginning first air dc)...leave last two loops on hook and drop yarn from skein

pick up yarn end from first air dc, & undo where the end wraps around the post

Pull out yarn

yo with the end yarn; see below

pull up loop

now pull yarn all the way through the two loops

thread needle with yarn and pull yarn under the loop on top of dc (this is actually the top of the 2nd dc stitch).  Put needle down through the middle of the 2nd loop you left on the hook, and down through the stitch.  Cut other yarn, weave in ends. This join is called an "invisible join" --- you have just made the "top" to the very first dc you made and joined it all together

Once joined, this is how the finished row looks from the top

And this is what the finished row looks like.  Can you find where the row began and ended???????

For Squiggle - Vanna's Choice Dusty Squares exchange

This is the Marigold pattern in Jan Eaton's book. In this swap we don't have too many colors from which to choose, and I didn't want a "stripey" look (I don't think that is a real word!). I just dropped the green and picked up the pink, and vice versa, weaving in the ends as I go. I was not happy with the holes in the middle of the flower as they looked like spokes on a wheel. I sc around the top portion of one of the posts ("spokes") and chained 6, then sc to near the bottom. Then chained 6 again and sc to the top of the next one, all the way around, going up and down. It still didn't looked filled in enough, so did 5 chains and just went around the very bottom of the posts in the same manner, only one sc per post as there wasn't enough room for more chains to be attached. I think it turned out nicely. I do have one error to fix on this one, and then she is ready to go with her sister when I finish THAT one!

On another note, I have a favorite site that I have never posted and just realized how selfish that is of me.  I discovered her a couple of years ago and just love her patterns. She has a refreshing look to her children's clothes, which I believe is from her Russian heritage if I have that does get somewhat forgetful at my age!

Check her out and let me know what you think.  MyLittleCityGirl