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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hexagon and Rose/Pink swaps

I originally thought the hexagons were going to be a real pain to make, but it turns out that they are very easy, and flow fast. This hex was adapted from another pattern. As long as the pattern has six "things" in it, you can fill it in and make six sides easily. I did the first four rows and then just did the normal sc at the tall areas working my way down until I was doing a 3 tr in the middle of one side. In this particular swap there is a rule that you must have the last round in Olive (all Vanna's Choice, mind you) so you have to be careful of the colors. The very first one I made was red with some blue and white - made it look more like a flag. It did not look right with the Olive border. However, the bright jewel colors really are highlighted when it is added.

The Rose/Pink square is one I have made a couple of times before. I love the way the pinks blend in with one another for a very peaceful square. Some people call these types of squares "quiet" squares.

I am thinking of doing my next post on the making of a toy....something for my granddaughters....and sharing the pattern. I am putting together an afghan that is bright and showy, and felt that an animal and some blocks might do the trick to make a nice set. :o)


  1. These are beautiful! Love the hexagon, especially the color combos!

  2. ps...I've included you on my blog!