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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Potholder Beginning

More work.  

I'm in a Potholder Swap - got talked into it by Karen (BrooklynIrishGirl on Ravelry) because so many of the ladies who joined wimped out.  You just can't leave a friend hanging mid-air like that, so of course I agreed to join.

This is the beginning of a potholder for someone who didn't get the ones she was suppose to get. I'm an Angel. :o) HAH! Mom would laugh at that one!  Well, at least I'm being an angel to Shelby.  

The white portion was a small coaster I bought at JoAnn's - 99 cents!  I never used it as a coaster - or anything else for that matter - so thought perhaps I could use it as the basis for the potholder I'm to make.  I think so far it looks pretty good!  I just made up rows as I went...if it didn't work out for the first corner I turned, I'd go back and add or take away stitches.  What I didn't do is write down the pattern, so this will be my one and only!  Sort of like a one of a kind painting by a famous painter....;o)

I still have to back it, and might go down and buy something made for hot pads or ironing boards, then border the two together.  Or, I might just do a pattern from a book or from Ravelry for a hexagon and use it as the back portion. Probably the latter as I don't really like to get out of the house much. Isn't that staying home.

So, my dear friends, how do you like it so far?

Potholder start

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Seahorse for Noah's Ark

I think the Dolphin I already sent will be happy with an underwater companion...what do you think?  Isn't this the cutest little thing!  Well, not toooooo little - about 5" or a tad more.  Love, love, love!

Here is the pattern by Jessica Woofter.  She has quite a few free patterns for lovely sea creatures, so I plan on making a few more.

Another great surprise today is I was searching the blog of the lovely Curly Girl she had lots of Jessi's patterns posted, as well as others along the Sea Creature theme! Lovely!

Please note - when you print out the Seahorse pattern, Jessi does not leave anything to chance so you will be printing out 10 pages!  The photos are in color, which is a great help, and she gives info on all the stitches ahead of time.  If you love Amigurumi (my BFF doesn't like the sad) then you will love her site as well as Sonya's!

I could not resist the two photos of my dog Sami.  She wanted to come closer to 
investigate the small blue intruder, but was a good little girl and stayed 
on her daddy's pillow instead!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crocheting knit graphs.....

I decided to try a pattern I found on Garn Studio's web page.  It is for a sweater, and I liked the look of it - but as I was not knitting, nor am I a good knitter, I felt I'd try the snowflake design in Tunisian.

Note that I only did the pattern repeat - just wanted to see how it would turn out - I had it slated for a doggie sweater, but never did get around to finishing it off.

So, as a crocheter, you can pick up patterns that are graphed for knitting.  I used a MoEZ Tunisian hook which would probably be about size P or O.  Knitting graphs are notoriously elongated when crocheted, but in this instance it didn't look real bad!  Sometimes when translating to Tunisian you might want to drop a row here and there to keep from getting the stretched out look - no real formula for it, just do what you can do!

This particular pattern was made with the intarsia technique, carrying the yarn along behind. I think none of the stitches are over four or five in either color, except for the navy where only one row is without white. Looks like more, eh?  :o)

I really do have to figure out something to do with this little's just sitting in a bin. :o(

Monday, September 6, 2010


.....just in case you didn't notice, I had a complaint to Google that my web page was hijacked. It took all afternoon for me to get on and to (hopefully) fix it.

I would like to suggest to all of you to go into your account and change your passwords asap. I guess this is a common practice, although the first for me.  Be sure that your password does NOT match anything else - NO other password should be the same.

Also, don't forget to protect your computer, too.  If you get to a site that has malware on it, I'm quite sure it can get to your computer and to your web pages.

Be smart. Be safe.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Noodle The Elephant

My friend Liz sent me a goodie as an Angel. I told her I'd make her something special and she mentioned an elephant - and I thought that would be meet Noodle!

She is made from a pattern by Irina Strange (remember the little hat that wasn't a hat??) ...
So, I'm going to get her mailed out today or tomorrow (hope Liz doesn't look at my blog!!). I honestly hate to give her up!!