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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crocheting knit graphs.....

I decided to try a pattern I found on Garn Studio's web page.  It is for a sweater, and I liked the look of it - but as I was not knitting, nor am I a good knitter, I felt I'd try the snowflake design in Tunisian.

Note that I only did the pattern repeat - just wanted to see how it would turn out - I had it slated for a doggie sweater, but never did get around to finishing it off.

So, as a crocheter, you can pick up patterns that are graphed for knitting.  I used a MoEZ Tunisian hook which would probably be about size P or O.  Knitting graphs are notoriously elongated when crocheted, but in this instance it didn't look real bad!  Sometimes when translating to Tunisian you might want to drop a row here and there to keep from getting the stretched out look - no real formula for it, just do what you can do!

This particular pattern was made with the intarsia technique, carrying the yarn along behind. I think none of the stitches are over four or five in either color, except for the navy where only one row is without white. Looks like more, eh?  :o)

I really do have to figure out something to do with this little's just sitting in a bin. :o(

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