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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Potholder Beginning

More work.  

I'm in a Potholder Swap - got talked into it by Karen (BrooklynIrishGirl on Ravelry) because so many of the ladies who joined wimped out.  You just can't leave a friend hanging mid-air like that, so of course I agreed to join.

This is the beginning of a potholder for someone who didn't get the ones she was suppose to get. I'm an Angel. :o) HAH! Mom would laugh at that one!  Well, at least I'm being an angel to Shelby.  

The white portion was a small coaster I bought at JoAnn's - 99 cents!  I never used it as a coaster - or anything else for that matter - so thought perhaps I could use it as the basis for the potholder I'm to make.  I think so far it looks pretty good!  I just made up rows as I went...if it didn't work out for the first corner I turned, I'd go back and add or take away stitches.  What I didn't do is write down the pattern, so this will be my one and only!  Sort of like a one of a kind painting by a famous painter....;o)

I still have to back it, and might go down and buy something made for hot pads or ironing boards, then border the two together.  Or, I might just do a pattern from a book or from Ravelry for a hexagon and use it as the back portion. Probably the latter as I don't really like to get out of the house much. Isn't that staying home.

So, my dear friends, how do you like it so far?

Potholder start


  1. I'm speechless. Don't know why. You always do such amazing things.

  2. Right now it looks pretty enough to be a doily, but you could put an easy felt backing with a matching color...that would work too.

  3. Thanks Beverooni! I think I felt almost the same way! I keep looking at it thinking "Did I do that?" I forgot how much I like working with thread, and now that my arthritis hasn't been too bad, I think I should attempt a bit more.

    I'd LOVE to do a top of some sort, and do have lots of patterns. No time, though....sad.

  4. That's a thought, Doris! I'll check into it....but it can't be a doily - has to be a potholder as I don't want to make another one! Pressed for time!

  5. Beautiful and yes, you are an angel. It's a good thing there are people in the world like you....really. I hate it when people wimp out.

  6. I thought yyou had modified the Snowflake Square pattern . . .what a suprise to findr and have just bordered it. out you bought he center.

    You are a woman of many talents!