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Monday, May 26, 2008

My New Sweater Tank

I joined a Crochet A-Long and was to make a tank top. The yarn I had
was too heavy and I didn't have enough for the pattern. I had gone
back to buy more but the only other color they had at the time of this
Bamboo was pink. I really love the yarn so decided to make the pattern "sort of" and use a larger afghan hook which helps the yarn drape better, as well as lets you use less yarn. This is the result
so far. The only catch is that I think this one is going to be too small for me! Yikes! The top pattern doesn't look so great in the photo, but does look good "in person." Maybe I'll have to diet! I decided rather than piece it together I would just keep crocheting down the back and make it one piece and then sew up the sides and make a nice edging around the neck and arm holes.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My New Slippers

I love my slippers even if I did make an error. I misread the
instructions so one side is inside out! Hah! But, as I am the only
one who sees them most of the time, and they were a practice pair, I'm
a happy camper. Will be making a pair for Lynne - my red-headed-
vibrant-ever-so-flamboyant niece! With no errors, of course. I would
have fixed these but I tucked in the ends so nicely I can't find them,
AND I don't feel like doing all that work over again just for me.

These are in Cotton-Ease. I don't wear socks easily as they cut off
my circulation, but do like to have my feet covered while in the house
(dogs, dirt, stickers trailing in with aforesaid dogs) and these do
the trick. These are breezy and cool, with a double sole. The pattern
comes from Sylver Designs (Click here) on Etsy. I changed the pattern a bit as I don't like three colors, and didn't feel like doing the last row of spike stitch. Hopefully these will not bleed all over themselves and everything else like the Sugar 'n Cream cotton does!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Winter Booties and Smock Dress with Bunny Buttons

The baby tried on her purple Mary Jane's and they were way too big for
her. I would imagine she will be able to wear them in about three
months. These pink ones look more like a size 4 instead of 6 months.
I think the Vanna's Choice is too big and too bulky for this pattern now that I have seen them on. They are as cute as a bugs ear, BUT don't look that dainty on. I think I will switch to something like Simply Soft by Caron and see if they don't look a little more dainty. I have also
just about finished an adult pair from Sylver Design which I will post soon. They look pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby Brother's Birthday Afghan

I am no where near done with my niece's afghan, but her Big Daddy's
Birthday is coming up the end of the month. I had promised him an
afghan so felt I'd better get it started or it would never be finished
in time. Even now, it may not be as I started with a size "M" crochet
hook - which is very large. So large, in fact, it is making the 48"
afghan into 70" afghan - so I started running out of yarn before I was
through the first half! Had to buy more, but I think I have enough
now. I tried the stripe going up the afghan for kicks and it doesn't
seem all that easy to me. Perhaps once I have "striped" it several
times it will flow better for me. I did allow myself to get a bit
sidetracked with the little two-toned booties for the grandbaby, but
am now back on schedule! Still love the new yarn. Interesting that
my two afghans are from Vanna's second afghan book from 1997 and new
yarn with Lion Brand! They make a winning combination!

Slippers for Alice Anne

These booties come from a pattern by Sylver Design. She is a clever designer! The booties have two soles, which makes them very very soft and warm. I'm going to buy one of her adult patterns to a pair for me! These are a size 0 - Alice Anne was born on the 10th so they should fit her just fine for about one month!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Alice Anne's Smocked Dress

Anne's Smocked Dress

I have finished this dress FINALLY. I have, however, yet to find
"just the right" buttons for of the top shoulders. I'm leaning toward
one of the Beatrice Potter buttons. Very classy, yet for children.

The dress is suppose to be for a 3 month old, but looks big to me.
When I find the buttons I want, I'll photograph it again in a
different pose so the size will show.

Now I am back to the afghan for Megan, and have the stash ready for my
baby brother's afghan for his birthday (late, I assume). I think I'll
stick to afghan's for awhile and try out my new crochet hooks. I
bought one set from the MoEZ web site and one from Twin Birch. I
think I like the point on Twin Birch a little better, but am not sure.
They are both very nicely done, and the LARGE size will be great for