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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Alice Anne's Smocked Dress

Anne's Smocked Dress

I have finished this dress FINALLY. I have, however, yet to find
"just the right" buttons for of the top shoulders. I'm leaning toward
one of the Beatrice Potter buttons. Very classy, yet for children.

The dress is suppose to be for a 3 month old, but looks big to me.
When I find the buttons I want, I'll photograph it again in a
different pose so the size will show.

Now I am back to the afghan for Megan, and have the stash ready for my
baby brother's afghan for his birthday (late, I assume). I think I'll
stick to afghan's for awhile and try out my new crochet hooks. I
bought one set from the MoEZ web site and one from Twin Birch. I
think I like the point on Twin Birch a little better, but am not sure.
They are both very nicely done, and the LARGE size will be great for

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