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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My New Slippers

I love my slippers even if I did make an error. I misread the
instructions so one side is inside out! Hah! But, as I am the only
one who sees them most of the time, and they were a practice pair, I'm
a happy camper. Will be making a pair for Lynne - my red-headed-
vibrant-ever-so-flamboyant niece! With no errors, of course. I would
have fixed these but I tucked in the ends so nicely I can't find them,
AND I don't feel like doing all that work over again just for me.

These are in Cotton-Ease. I don't wear socks easily as they cut off
my circulation, but do like to have my feet covered while in the house
(dogs, dirt, stickers trailing in with aforesaid dogs) and these do
the trick. These are breezy and cool, with a double sole. The pattern
comes from Sylver Designs (Click here) on Etsy. I changed the pattern a bit as I don't like three colors, and didn't feel like doing the last row of spike stitch. Hopefully these will not bleed all over themselves and everything else like the Sugar 'n Cream cotton does!

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  1. This is very nice. I must some day try to do something like that.
    Best wishes.