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Thursday, March 31, 2011


I put on a hidden hanger.........

How TO make a Potholder - My New Design

This is a Leaning Tower stitch and the border is from the Edie Eckman book I love so much! I think this one is a good looking Potholder.

The back is plain, but still pretty with the border.  I haven't figured out yet how to load two photos from my iPod into one message, so that photo will come later.

Today was 72 and the sun delighted us the whole of the day - hope your day was equally warm and bright - even if you had snow, or clouds, or rain. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

How not to make a potholder.....

I had decided to make a potholder for a friend on Ravelry.  She makes such beautiful ones that look almost like doilies, so thought I should try my hand at the same.

First, I found one of my doily books and quickly learned that you cannot translate a thread doily in it's whole into a doily made of kitchen cotton....grrrrrrrrr.  What you get instead is the first 3 or 4 keep that in mind. You also might want to make a choice of a pattern that isn't suppose to look delicate.

The mistake number two.....don't make it huge. It then becomes a hot pad instead of a pot holder. :o)

Mistake number three....if it is going to end up a potholder, don't put a flower in the middle where it can't sit flat. Another grrrrrrr moment.

However, all in all, it was a learning experience and I think the pad is usable and kind of pretty.  I will be sure to try my hand at this again with the above thoughts in mind.

Crochet contently!

Monday, March 21, 2011

What a BEAUTIFUL Baby!

This is Eva Catherine.....beautiful, just like her mom. My new grandniece, and my younger brother's first grandchild. 

.....and this is Eva in the Elf Hat I made at the request of her mom......just such a sweet, delicate looking, little pink thing!