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Sunday, March 27, 2011

How not to make a potholder.....

I had decided to make a potholder for a friend on Ravelry.  She makes such beautiful ones that look almost like doilies, so thought I should try my hand at the same.

First, I found one of my doily books and quickly learned that you cannot translate a thread doily in it's whole into a doily made of kitchen cotton....grrrrrrrrr.  What you get instead is the first 3 or 4 keep that in mind. You also might want to make a choice of a pattern that isn't suppose to look delicate.

The mistake number two.....don't make it huge. It then becomes a hot pad instead of a pot holder. :o)

Mistake number three....if it is going to end up a potholder, don't put a flower in the middle where it can't sit flat. Another grrrrrrr moment.

However, all in all, it was a learning experience and I think the pad is usable and kind of pretty.  I will be sure to try my hand at this again with the above thoughts in mind.

Crochet contently!


  1. I've wondered about doing this myself. Glad you gave it a try so I know what to avoid. Like avoid it all together? ;-)


  2. NO! Try it - you're better than I am at innovation. I need to try some Jan Eaton patterns and see how they work out into potholders....or a Priscilla Hewitt pattern. Some of hers are so beautiful and intricate!

  3. I like them both anyway.. Pretty colours and patterns.. :))

  4. Thank you jontina! I put a scalloped border around in in the pale beige color and not I actually like them, too!