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Monday, June 28, 2010

Catching Up on Life...

Howdy! I have not been a very good blogger in the last couple of months.  Less the excuses go on and on and one, let it suffice to say I shall try to be better.

I finished a few coasters for a swap in Itsy Bitsy, and plan on doing a few more and forwarding them along to Brenda.  I ran short of time due to the visitors and only made four. This is a pattern on the Coats and Clark web site and is really easy. Here is the link to Ravelry which will take you there. I used Cotton-Ease as I am so tired of colors fading into one another in plain cotton.  I know that soaking itmes in distilled vinegar helps, but it doesn't stop it.

It feels good to finally be getting more of my obligations finished - better late than never! I am going to start on some squares for Bev (hoping she still needs them - might have to send the whole afghan to make up for my tardiness!) and once those are finished I will then get back to my Caribbean swap and the Juliet swap. THEN I can relax and make pretties for my doll baby! ;o)

Of course, we do have company comping this weekend, so that will slow me down a bit!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Preston's Square

A friend from Ravelry has a nephew who was hurt badly at 6 months old. He was recently put in the hospital and is around the age of 21.  Due to the childhood brain injury he is more like a 8 year old. He has had a very hard time getting well, so many in the Vanna's Choice Fan Club group are donating a square or two for his recovery blanket all in Barney colors. This is my hasty donation...they have to be in quickly to give Pat, the putter-together-person time to get it made and off to him. I didn't even know who Barney was/is! ;o)

I am soooooo far behind in all of my projects and promises it is embarrassing. With company here since the 9th of June, it has been touch and go in all things crochet. Just a few more days to hang on! The great part is that I so enjoy their company! REALLY nice people. There is another couple that is in the area, but they decided to stay with relatives in the town near here, so I am not having to deal with yet another group like we had first thought.

This square is in Jan Eaton's 200 Square Blocks to Crochet and is called the Tri-Colored Square. It is really "ho hum" in the book, but changing to bright colors makes it awesome!

Monday, June 21, 2010

My last three Provencal Squares

These are the last 3 squares I made for the swap. I just was not passionate about the flowers in the middle and these took up more in the middle with the colors, and less background, but I do love them so much better. The others were too boring, I think. Then again, I was not putting a lot of thought into them, although I did want to make good squares. I hope the recipient of these appreciates them as much as I loved making them!

Pattern names to be posted tomorrow (if I remember!).