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Monday, June 28, 2010

Catching Up on Life...

Howdy! I have not been a very good blogger in the last couple of months.  Less the excuses go on and on and one, let it suffice to say I shall try to be better.

I finished a few coasters for a swap in Itsy Bitsy, and plan on doing a few more and forwarding them along to Brenda.  I ran short of time due to the visitors and only made four. This is a pattern on the Coats and Clark web site and is really easy. Here is the link to Ravelry which will take you there. I used Cotton-Ease as I am so tired of colors fading into one another in plain cotton.  I know that soaking itmes in distilled vinegar helps, but it doesn't stop it.

It feels good to finally be getting more of my obligations finished - better late than never! I am going to start on some squares for Bev (hoping she still needs them - might have to send the whole afghan to make up for my tardiness!) and once those are finished I will then get back to my Caribbean swap and the Juliet swap. THEN I can relax and make pretties for my doll baby! ;o)

Of course, we do have company comping this weekend, so that will slow me down a bit!


  1. Don't you dare worry about squares for me. You work on your others. I haven't had time to do any others either and it just seems too hot right now to work on afghans.

    Hugs to my BFF!

  2. The coasters look so pretty! well done :)

  3. SO GLAD You are BACK , , , , I have missed your musings.

    :0} paula

  4. These coasters look adorable...I will try to make some too with some cotton I have left from another project. Very pretty!

    Have a great day!