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Monday, June 21, 2010

My last three Provencal Squares

These are the last 3 squares I made for the swap. I just was not passionate about the flowers in the middle and these took up more in the middle with the colors, and less background, but I do love them so much better. The others were too boring, I think. Then again, I was not putting a lot of thought into them, although I did want to make good squares. I hope the recipient of these appreciates them as much as I loved making them!

Pattern names to be posted tomorrow (if I remember!).


  1. Those are exceptionally beautiful and unusual looking (to me anyway) and I'd love to have the patterns. Are they your own? I think they are just marvelous! Good job!

  2. p.s. to me they look anything but boring! I think you did a wonderful job with these! I don't write patterns and am always impressed with people who have the patience to do that. When I crochet something without a pattern (especially my bees) I just do it, have fun with it and don't bother to stop to write it down - I just do it freestyle!

  3. Especially love the middle one. Great color combos on all.

  4. The top one took my breathe away . . . again, Cat, a beautiful job, as always :0}