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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Granny Type Pattern

I have seen several patterns like the one below, but have been disappointed with the way they have turned out. Ever happen to you?  Well, I decided to work with the square to see how I could improve it.  I was getting an elongated corner and it drove me nuts!!

The original design had a chain one between each shell, and chain two at the corner.  I changed that to no chains between shells, but was still ending up with the corner stretching out too much.

The third try produced this square above.  I like it best. I went down a size in my hook which helped to make it a little less floppy and 'holey' (also helped by eliminating the chain between shells).  Lastly, I ended up doing one chain in the far corner, and one time doing NO chain in the corner, just six dc's.  I think it helped quite a bit. It has a tendency to want to "grow" so eliminating just the one chain once helped pull it in.  

Now I LOVE this square.  I hope the recipient will too - especially as I made her two, but patterned you can see. ;o) The one below is the 2nd try, and as you can see it is a tad elongated, but I wove in the ends to tighten it a little in order to keep it square.  It will be perfect once joined to other squares in an afghan. I did add a "stripe" of sorts in the red just to try something different.  I think I like it best with all shells.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Will the REAL beauty please stand up?!!!

So I finished the slouchy beret for my niece....Ms. Gorgeous if I do say so myself.  She was kind enough to model the finished product and I am proud to post it here.  Mainly because I'm proud of her.  She is about to have her first child.....was due on the 17th I think. I haven't received a call, so I think she is still at home! XXOO  She and her dad (my baby bro) are thinking the 21st for some reason.  I was hoping for Valentine's Day, but now will settle for born and healthy!  

Although it looks like I am outdoing myself in one day posting two times, the other one was from two days ago and I forgot to put 'er up! ;o)

Just so you all know - it is SNOWING here today! Has been all day - it was 40 when the morning arrived, and dropped to 34, back up to 40, and now down to about 32 I think.  The snow is sticking and looks to be about 1/2 so far.....I bet it gets a tad deeper. It is snowing BIG flakes and looks like it means it.  Not unusual for these parts at this time of year.

Keep my Dearest Dotter in your thoughts and prayers that she and Baby Eva will be safe and healthy.

The Border Square

Hello and salutations from me - a long-lost blogger.
I have been keeping busy with various health issues with the hubby, traveling to Portland every so often. I am trying to get back into posting, so thought I'd get my footies wet with just a quickie. I have a square that is being tested which I'd like to post for you all when it is done and ready.  In the meanwhile, here is another one without a pattern!

This one is made up, in a way, by me, but then again it isn't. Confused?
I took borders out of Edie Eckman's book. They all had to be 2+1 borders, and then I just strung them together, one right after another! I think it turned out rather nicely. I wasn't thrilled with the wierd trebles (in the middle in chocolate) as they didn't turn out nicely like hers did. Might have been a thicker yarn. However, I did like the over all square and how it came together.

You might try the same thing - simple as one, two, three! Just make sure the borders have all the same counts....or if you pick one that might be a 4+1, be sure you use it on a row that then has worked up to that many stitches so you can use it. The trick is how many stitches you add on each row at the corners - it has to mesh with the patterns! ;o)

More to follow! ;o)