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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Will the REAL beauty please stand up?!!!

So I finished the slouchy beret for my niece....Ms. Gorgeous if I do say so myself.  She was kind enough to model the finished product and I am proud to post it here.  Mainly because I'm proud of her.  She is about to have her first child.....was due on the 17th I think. I haven't received a call, so I think she is still at home! XXOO  She and her dad (my baby bro) are thinking the 21st for some reason.  I was hoping for Valentine's Day, but now will settle for born and healthy!  

Although it looks like I am outdoing myself in one day posting two times, the other one was from two days ago and I forgot to put 'er up! ;o)

Just so you all know - it is SNOWING here today! Has been all day - it was 40 when the morning arrived, and dropped to 34, back up to 40, and now down to about 32 I think.  The snow is sticking and looks to be about 1/2 so far.....I bet it gets a tad deeper. It is snowing BIG flakes and looks like it means it.  Not unusual for these parts at this time of year.

Keep my Dearest Dotter in your thoughts and prayers that she and Baby Eva will be safe and healthy.


  1. what a BEAUTIFUL model. Her hair accentuates her beret

    Fingers crossed for a quick arrival.

  2. Thanks! She is due any day now with her first child and I am on pins and needles waiting. I have a feeling she won't come into the world until I this weekend on Sunday....they seem to like to come during inconvenient times! If she waits until Tuesday, she will be born on our anniversary! :o)