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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby Brother's Birthday Afghan

I am no where near done with my niece's afghan, but her Big Daddy's
Birthday is coming up the end of the month. I had promised him an
afghan so felt I'd better get it started or it would never be finished
in time. Even now, it may not be as I started with a size "M" crochet
hook - which is very large. So large, in fact, it is making the 48"
afghan into 70" afghan - so I started running out of yarn before I was
through the first half! Had to buy more, but I think I have enough
now. I tried the stripe going up the afghan for kicks and it doesn't
seem all that easy to me. Perhaps once I have "striped" it several
times it will flow better for me. I did allow myself to get a bit
sidetracked with the little two-toned booties for the grandbaby, but
am now back on schedule! Still love the new yarn. Interesting that
my two afghans are from Vanna's second afghan book from 1997 and new
yarn with Lion Brand! They make a winning combination!

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