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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Seahorse for Noah's Ark

I think the Dolphin I already sent will be happy with an underwater companion...what do you think?  Isn't this the cutest little thing!  Well, not toooooo little - about 5" or a tad more.  Love, love, love!

Here is the pattern by Jessica Woofter.  She has quite a few free patterns for lovely sea creatures, so I plan on making a few more.

Another great surprise today is I was searching the blog of the lovely Curly Girl she had lots of Jessi's patterns posted, as well as others along the Sea Creature theme! Lovely!

Please note - when you print out the Seahorse pattern, Jessi does not leave anything to chance so you will be printing out 10 pages!  The photos are in color, which is a great help, and she gives info on all the stitches ahead of time.  If you love Amigurumi (my BFF doesn't like the sad) then you will love her site as well as Sonya's!

I could not resist the two photos of my dog Sami.  She wanted to come closer to 
investigate the small blue intruder, but was a good little girl and stayed 
on her daddy's pillow instead!


  1. That is just the cutest thing ever!

  2. Thank you, BFF! I guess there is hope for you and Amigurumi after all! At least it isn't a big headed doll! ;o)

  3. Very sweet, but your doggy in the background is sweeter still ;-)

  4. How cute! Love the pics of Sami. The look on her face is too funny.

  5. Can someone please help me on this pattern? At the end of round 26 of the Body I am 1 stitch needed shy. At the end of row 25 the stitch count is 10 but the instructions say to decrease 2 times in row 26 so the stitch count should be 8 right? Or am I just not getting it? I'm trying to make this for a gift for someone that REALLY loves Seahorses for a baby mobile and she's due soon so if someone could write me back soon I'd REALLY appreciate it, Thank You!!

    1. I read it the stitch count at the end of row 25 is 9, not rows 22 and 24 you are decreasing on one side and increasing on the other side which gives the tail the curve. Then on Row 25 I believe that it is supposed to go along the same way as it did in 22 to 24. You are really supposed to do a 2 sc inc in the next stitch and then sc the last 2 sts together. That would decrease the row by one. You do that again in row 26, 27, 28, and finally 29. There is no way that you could be decreasing two stitches per row and have it come out to what she has written.

      If it doesn't look right (and I can't remember what I did) you might go ahead and try following the directions as am sure it would not be a huge difference as to where you won't like it.

      Otherwise, if this doesn't help, let me know. Don't know anything about why her site is shut down. Good luck and let me know!

    2. Here is the link that I found:

      and Thank You!!

    3. Yes, that is her old web site...she quit updating in 2011. She also gets on Ravelry, but doesn't post messages. If you run into any further problems she has an email posted so she may still have it active. Good luck!