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Monday, October 18, 2010

Part of Our day....

When my BFF from Savannah and I decided we were going to town my hubby wanted to take our photo down by the For Sale sign on our lower property, then one looking up at the house. After he took the photos we took off to go to town.

Backing up here a lunch I thought the water pressure was low. Went around the whole property and could not see a leak, and none of the water junctions were on. Everything off...did not hear the pump go off a lot, either. Now, fast forward....... after we leave the Hubster looks up at the house and thinks that it looked funny on the slope. He takes the four wheeler up the side of our property instead of the drive and notices that the hillside had actually slid off!!! There was a broken pipe under the Juniper that was connected to the yard water through some unknown, long forgotten pipe. Thank goodness that it did not take out the two trees in front, but did take out a huge chunk of the Juniper. Had he not caught it the house would have been next, I am sure....with us in it!

One of the only reasons I am not fond of living on the point of a hillside mainly made of sand......the thought of sliding off into oblivion. You can see in the second to last photo indentations in the side of the hill where there have been water breaks and parts of the hill have slid off, to the left and right of this water break. I hope this is the last time!

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