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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Finished the Potholder

This is the first time in years that I have made a thread potholder - I think this is only my second one!  It really doesn't take a whole lot longer than using the kitchen cotton, and looks so dainty in comparison.

I did not use a pattern for the front - as stated a few posts ago.  However, I found a hexagon pattern and used it for the back.  The white from the front shows through a bit, and I had cut a piece of fabric to "line" it between the parts - but liked the look less than without - so took it out at the last minute. Although the corners don't look pointy on one side, they are - I just did not smooth it out properly for the photo, trying to rush and get the photo taken and then packaged to ship to Karen (BrooklynIrishGirl on Ravelry - shhhhh don't tell her yet!)

This potholder is substantial enough to use, and dainty enough to display. What could be better!??!  Oh.....not expensive to make!!   ;o)


  1. Very pretty with a professional,finished look. Very nice.

  2. Thread crochhet is time consuming but the outcome is so worthit.

    nice job . . . .

    \^/ paula