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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Air Crochet by Cat

Hold yarn with end in right hand, skein to left, yo twice

Put hook through corner to start first dc of the row

yo and pull up a loop

yo, pull through 2 loops 

yo, pull through last 2 loops - just made dc (you may need to tighten the yarn end to pull the dc together a bit)

continue making all stitches on row

At end of row (NOTE: pattern in photo is granny shells, i.e.  there is a space before beginning first air dc)...leave last two loops on hook and drop yarn from skein

pick up yarn end from first air dc, & undo where the end wraps around the post

Pull out yarn

yo with the end yarn; see below

pull up loop

now pull yarn all the way through the two loops

thread needle with yarn and pull yarn under the loop on top of dc (this is actually the top of the 2nd dc stitch).  Put needle down through the middle of the 2nd loop you left on the hook, and down through the stitch.  Cut other yarn, weave in ends. This join is called an "invisible join" --- you have just made the "top" to the very first dc you made and joined it all together

Once joined, this is how the finished row looks from the top

And this is what the finished row looks like.  Can you find where the row began and ended???????


  1. OOOOO, I can't wait to try this.

  2. DUH!

    Now I understand how to do this. Wonder why I didn't understand before?

    Thanks for the pictures.

  3. I agree with Bev...I can't wait to try this!