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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Only one more square to go .....

This is the Play Misty Afghan for my SIL in Denver. She and hubby have a western/Navajo type decor and so I picked these 3 colors in the swap. I am so pleased with the results! Peggy in California knitted a beautiful Kokopelli, the ambassador to the Southwest! He is the most well known Indian symbol and is generally depicted as old, & bent under his heavy load with his flute. So cool!

One more square is on its way, so I will be able to put this baby together! (when I finish the hexagon for my SIL in Michigan first!) I think I'll use all three colors for the outside border and perhaps do something similar to the squares to get them all up to the same measurements.

Beautiful, eh?


  1. VERY nice. I will look great all put together. She will love it.

  2. WOW . . . love the look of your future afghan . . great choice of colors . . . and of course, I looked for mine first and there it was 0}