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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Andy's gonna cry,
Ann is gonna bawl,
If we can't Make a Deal
With Monty Hall

Dee, as Ann. As her mom made the costume, I (of course) had to be Andy. I think over all I was cuter anyway! ;o)

My BFF, Beverooni, asked that I go ahead and post what happened the day that a group of friends went to Let's Make a Deal right after high school.  I hope you laugh as much as I FINALLY did!   ;o)  I edited it again to make a little more sense when reading.

"As I lived in CA I was able to attend a couple of those game shows. Got some earrings I kept when Bob Barker yelled "Come on Down!"   In the show "Let’s Make a Deal" - where everyone wears costumes - I was dressed as Raggedy Andy and a friend was Raggedy Ann. Her mom made the costumes so of course, I had to be the boy.
"When they came to the side of the street where people were lined up the show people walked up and down in front of crowd and those that cheered the loudest and moved around a lot got picked. I was SOOOO shy that it all embarrassed me - especially as I was the one dressed as a boy (I was cute, though). Dee was nuttier than a fruitcake and screaming and jumping and waving the sign that they grabbed her (they do grab you and pull you out of the crowd) and she turned around and grabbed me. She was so determined that I come, too, and she was so loud and spirited, that they let her take me with her! My life. Following Dee around. Then in the audience they sat me next to a lady with a HUGE Mexican hat and blocked my face all the time so I couldn’t see what they were doing or when they were looking my way to pick during the taping. Drove me nuts. By that time I was so frustrated I wanted to bash that lady in the head and throw her hat across the room like a Frisbee! (I was 18 at this time). Wouldn’t have matter, I was still too embarrassed to make a fool of myself any further than wearing the Andy costume! 
"The worst part of the trip was that we were on old busses going TO the game shows in LA and I got on before taking a leak….so when they FINALLY stopped, so was I...stopped up! I could not pee for the world. Dee was running up and down flushing all the toilets, running water in the sinks, finally found something to put warm water in and gave it to me to put my fingers in it! :o) OMG, we started laughing so hard and NOTHING was working and EVERYONE was on the bus and the driver kept coming to the door knocking on it!
"It was finally all the laughing that got me started and, as my dear sweet mother would say, I pissed like a race horse! STILL makes me laugh thinking about that part of the trip!"

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  1. That is SOOOOO awesome. Did you get chosen to play?