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Monday, April 5, 2010


I was looking at my blog today and see that Sonya signed up I went to check her out.  WOW!  That's about all I can say. WOW!  She has some of the cutest patterns posted or linked on her site.  In the last week sometime she posted some cute little chickie critters, and if you click on this link to "Curly Girl's Crochet Etc...." you will find that she has all sorts of bunnies and chickies and other assorted cutie pies posted by photos and links. Some free, some patterns for sale, but all WONDERFUL!

My BFF Bev had me start a project with her.  Her project is a scarf, mine is I don't know what...most likely some sort of afghan or lapghan when I'm done.  I'm going to do it sort of log-cabinish in crochet.  Unfortunately, I have not been in the great mood that Bev has made part of her life!!! HOWEVER, today is a better day for me and I plan on imortalizing that in my 'thingy' just shortly!

My brother called me yesterday just as the 7.2 quake hit Mexico (Baja California).  It was located just short of the mouth of the Colorado River outlet into the bay/inlet there in Baja.  As we were talking I was on the USGS site to see about the quake and it's epicenter as he said it felt like it was under his feet (100 miles away actually) and saw that within a minute, or nearly the exact same time a small one hit at the other end of the fault line (they say they aren't related) in northern California.  Then one after another little red dots kept popping up for the after shocks. I hear they are still rockin' and rollin' down there!

We might have snow again tomorrow - only a tad last week. I keep hoping it will pile up in the mountains so that we have a good Spring and Summer for the farmers in the area.

I will leave you with the photo of the scarf I finished and mailed off for an Itsy Bitsy swap on Ravelry.  It was kind of fun to make, but think that next time I do a skinny scarf I will use a thinner yarn.  This one is made from Country, a Bamboo and Wool blend by Naturally Caron.  I used a 'C' hook (2.5 mm Clover soft touch) so it's a bit tight....soft though!  The pattern is 1/2 of a pattern found in a magazine and I just used the gauge swatch instructions so that it was the right size!  I think it was called the Wedding Pattern. (-;


  1. Oh BFF, I DOOOOOO like that scarf. I love the stitch you used. Very very pretty.

    I also love you new butterfly background. Makes me smile.

    I can't wait to see what you do with the log cabin lapghan. It will be awesome.

  2. Hi, that scarf is lovely. I don't know what a C hook is in English. The scarf I just made I used a larger hook than I would have done for berets to make it softer.

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words and I'm so happy you liked my blog! Your scarf is wonderful. I love PINK so this really caught my eye, and you did an awesome job on it. I also love the stitch you used. Beautiful!