Today is the FIRST day of the rest of your life!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Speaks for itself!

So, today started out like this:  I catch hubby putting real coffee in the coffee machine instead of the 1/2 decaf I am suppose to have (keeps me away, make my blood pressure too high, etc.) and he played dumb.

Then went on my errands and past the post office by mistake as I chatted away with the doggies about Daddy.  Grrrrrrr!

Then made it to the LYS to show off my new Patent Pending design and they were closed for another 1/2 hour.

Drove to the local shop to have things wrapped and mailed. They were closed all day on Saturdays.

Drove to JoAnn's to pick up yet ANOTHER skein of yarn as I have picked up the wrong one twice.  Want to finish a scarf for my BFF.  At this rate she won't get it until December for Christmas.  They didn't have it.

Went back to LYS to talk about my invention. Not suitable for knitting unless it is for Fair Isle, and then it is too big as knitters who do that work don't us crappy acrylic yarn that is big and bulky, but nice sweet wonderful, skinny, expensive yarn, and my invention is WAY too big. :-(  Pick up some pointers, leave.

Picked up lunch. Yuck.

Pull down visor, which was suppose to be fixed (spent an hour in the shop earlier in week) and it was still broken. Drove to Toyota and they fixed it. Went home.

Home now....try to figure out what to do about the yarn. Pull up Naturally Caron and look at colors in Country. Not there. NOT THERE???????  What?????? No wonder I can't find it. They don't carry it any longer!!!!  NOT POSSIBLE!!!! I'm only half way done with the scarf!!!!

Sort though skeins, looking, looking - pulling them all out and have one stray Bamboo Ewe from Red Heart.  Notice it is very similar to one of the colors.  Pull out stray wrapping from bottom of tote. Hmmmm????  Red Heart.  Hmmmm????  Look up colors.  Matches scarf.

I have a headache.  Now know why the scarf colors are not available any longer in Caron. I am using a different yarn!!!!!  I have a really BIG headache.  I'm going to take a nap - AFTER I drive back to JoAnn's and pick up the right colors in the right yarn.


  1. You have definitely had quite a Saturday! I hope you take a Tylenol and get that nap and have a much better rest of the weekend.

  2. Poor baby . . . been there done that,but not to the extreme you did it today.

  3. Bless your heart, hopefully you will have a much better time after you get the right yarn. Take care and have a good nap

  4. So sorry! Sounds like you had a busy and frustrating day...and that's why I have so much yarn because I always buy more than I actually need, just in case!

    Good luck with your scarf. I'm sure it will look lovely :-)