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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This is Sundara....

On the Naturally Caron site they have this really gorgeous sweater/cardigan/jacket to is called Sundara designed by Margret Willson. Yet another fabulous FREE pattern. Now, I'm a bit too chunky for the sweater now, but look at the trim....LOTS of trim! Wouldn't that make a beautiful border to an afghan! You HAVE to say yes—it's just too luscious!

As a matter of fact, I bet the sweater/cardigan/jacket pattern could be adapted for an afghan, too! Wow....too much.


  1. Since you are being so forceful, I will say yes . . . YES! ! ! ! ! ! !

    And, honestly, it does make a pretty border.

  2. Since you work double duty . . here is another basket for this blog. You probably could use the energy from the chocolate.

  3. Oh wow! I love this.