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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Although this might not be a new way, and others may have devised it, I accidentally ran across this while looking for a border.  I bordered an afghan in the last post with the stitch.  It is a sc in one stitch away from the corner, ch3, dc in the same stitch, skip 2 stitches, then sc in the next stitch - then ch3, dc in same stitch, sk 2 stitches, sc in next (etc. all the way across...toward the corner you only skip one stitch to work in 3 or 4 of the pattern stitches around the corner).

Well, I took that particular stitch and bordered one of my squares for the afghan for the grandniece (I'm keeping the pastel one!).  Then I started bordering another square and though perhaps it would be cool to put them together, so on the last row I started after the first sc I then did a slip stitch around the chain 3 loop instead of the second ch, then did the last ch and dc into the original sc as before.  I did that across and it became sort of one of those flat braid joins you hear about.  You have to fiddle with the corners a bit if your squares aren't exactly the same size, but LOVE IT!  It does take some time to do, but it looks very girly, and I think for a 10 year old it is perfect!

After all is joined, I'm going to continue the original pattern for the overall border around the whole of the afghan.

What do you think?


  1. Ooh I love it.. and it goes perfectly with the squares you are putting together!

  2. I love it too! I've been wanting to find something just like this. I'll be coming back here for the instructions. I've got a bunch of squares from a swap that I'm going to be putting together and I think this will work out just fine. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I think it is gorgeous! That is going to be one beautiful afghan. I am going to have to try this because like everybody else I have squares everywhere that need to be put together. Thank you so much for sharing this little idea. It's new to me also.

  4. LOVE IT! ! ! !

    Need photos with step by step directions.

    Want directions NOW!

    LOLOL . . . am I demanding enough? Hope so . . I think I could really learn to like this joining.

  5. That looks great. I've just finished joining some squares with SC and they just look boring. As Paula said I would need more detailed instructions if you didn't mind, think of it as high praise. :)