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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dusty Afghan put together!

Although the afghan is now together, I still have a couple of ends to weave in. As I bordered each square about 3 times (some two, some four) the squares ended up being approximately 14 1/2 to 15 inches across ... with the join that made the afghan about 47" x 64" - so I didn't need a border to make it any larger!

The border was so simple, yet rather pretty - different than my usual. I would sc, ch3, dc in the same stitch - skip 2 stitches and do the same thing. Then when I got to the corners I would leave enough stitches so that I could sc, ch3, dc and then skip one instead of two. That made the border go around the stitches quite nicely and there was no obvious rubble or stretch or tightening in the corners. Love it!

This may be for my 9 year old grandniece - I'm waiting to hear from my niece to see if she likes these colors, or just wants the all pink one I have waiting to put together next.
I love these colors, and do especially love knit squares! That's probably because I can't knit myself....but all are beautiful.

One down, only 6 more to go! I will no longer be a "Block Hoarder"!!!


  1. Wow that is a very beautiful afghan! I don't knit either, only crochet and those blocks are awesome.

  2. That is so pretty... I love the colors :)

  3. What a beautiful afghan!!! Just found your blog and saw a glimpse of more beautiful afghans so must go have a look

  4. Bow I can't wait to put mine together . . at least I think I was in a Dusty swap. LOLOL

  5. I love the colors in this afghan. Everytime I see it, I say the same thing, I LOVE THIS BLANKET. You really do nice work Cat! You are truly an inspiration to us all......:-))

  6. All I can say is WOW! Absolutely amazing!!