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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Afghans Galore!

I finished Hubby's Winter Wonderland afghan finally. Well - finished putting it together. I did four of the squares so did contribute. ;o) I made it longer as he is 6' 2" and wanted something he could cover up his legs and torso - this is perfect.

The Muddy Waters afghan is also finished and waiting for it's owner - TBD (to be decided). Big brother may want this one instead of the Three Course Meal afghan - but we shall see. It's really very nice, so may want to keep it!

The Kitty afghan isn't done, but thought I'd toss it in the mix. This is the afghan I started last year that led to my making a device I am patenting. It's for graphing in crochet or knitting. I love it, and it saved my sanity as you can see I worked with many colors. The Eeyore I did ages ago was made with my device also. I can use up to 20 colors comfortably on it and not get tangled! Yay! I should be getting the Patent Pending number in another month so will be able to sell it!!!! Another Yay!

You can see that on the back of the Kitty Afghan I am putting a quilting square over the back of each face. This is to hide all the many short yarn pieces I did not weave in. After all that I have been through to do the squares, I almost wish I had gone ahead and just tied them in knots and left it that way! ;o)

The very bottom photo was taken January of 2009 making the first kitty face (an orange kitty that didn't make it into the afghan) and as you can see I was all thumbs! It was a mess of yarn - so glad I'm organized now with my new soon-to-be patented device!


  1. Very nice afghans, esp. the gray one. :)

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  3. such gorgeous afghans/blankets! Well done! I'll be eagerly waiting to see that device you mentioned, it sounds so practical.

  4. All I can say is amazing work that you are up to.The afghans looks fabulous and the patterns very nice.You are very fast at it I must say,as they are pretty big projects.