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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My beautiful hooks from "Turn of the Century"

I received the hand carved wooden crochet hooks (size I) from "Turn of the Century" today! Yeah!

They certainly are beautiful - I have already used one and it is handy dandy. With my arthritis, I think that the Clover hooks are easier on my hands, but these will be well used and passed on to many generations of my family for years to come!

They come in a neat little round box - sort of looks like a cigar box! I put the hankie down that Beverooni gave me so you can see how gorgeous they are. I also put out a few other hooks so you can judge their size. They are long enough to use as Tunisian hooks for small projects, so that makes them doubly useful!!


  1. Those hooks are just gorgeous! I know you're gonna enjoy working with them.

  2. Oh Cat, they are beautiful!!!!!