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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Just as an added note to my blog about the crochet hooks from Turn-of-the-Century, they are about 7 1/2 inches long, so large enough to do a small Tunisian crochet project - but the point was just a bit too pointy for me.  I took an emery board and filed it down to a smoother tip and now it is perfect for my work - or I should say THEY are perfect, as I did all of them.  I like the way they feel, and once I got use to holding my work a little farther from my body the end of the hook quit hitting me in the chest! Cheeky little fellow!  I think anyone would love these hooks!

And so, here's to you and your loved one(s) that you will enjoy each other's company today!
Dance happily....or not...

And so - Happy Valentine's Day! I was busy the morning getting ready for company and didn't make it on-line earlier to wish everyone a great day! I hope all your Valentine wishes come true! I received two lovely packages from my two Secret Valentine swaps, so am happy.

These are photos of real Valentine cards I found on-line ages ago when I was doing a presentation at one of my club luncheons.  So innocent back then!

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