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Monday, February 22, 2010

Okay - Beverooni is going to "help" me make these gloves two posts down! Yay!  I'm game, what would be the best option for them if you don't have the "right" yarn?  Hmmmm - I do have some Country but don't have 2 skeins of any one color! Yikes!

I have Foliage (lighter Olive), Loden Forest (darker Olive), Peacock (bright/darker Teal), Spruce (Lighter greenish Teal), and Sunset (a Melon color).  I also have two skeins of Spa, but it is consider a "3" while Country is a "4" - besides being different content.

I think I will start with the Foliage and the Loden Forest Border.  I'll just have to pick up another skein of the Foliage so I can make the second glove - hopefully the lot numbers won't make a big deal difference or I'll be stuck with One glove! ;o)  I guess I could make one glove with the body opposite of the other and not have to purchase any more yarn!

Anyone else out there up to making a pair of these???????

I kind of prefer the colors show on the pattern....should I choose a different color???????


  1. Oh goodness, a trip to the yarn shop is in store for me. How will I ever manage? Just hate going there -- NOT!

    I'm not sure what colors to get. These will go in my Christmas 2010 box.

  2. Hallo Ms. Cat.....Thank you so very very much for the sunshine award. YOU MADE MY DAY! And what a surprise it was, when I check my comments and found it. Yippie!

    I am curious about the country yarn. I have never worked with it, but looked at it before. Is it a soft yarn? And is it an itchy yarn? I have had somewhat of a problem working with wool, as it makes me very itchy afterwards. Would you let me know?

    Otherwise have a great day and I will see you soon.