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Friday, May 7, 2010

Yet another swap

Here are 8 more squares - so hard to make anything but a beautiful square when using Vanna's Choice!

So - now we are doing a new swap called the Granny McPhee afghan swap.  I don't know who Granny McPhee is, but from the photo I take it that it has something to do with a movie for kids! Right?

Well, these are just four row granny squares to match the afghan "look" except the ones we are doing seem to be doubly bright compared to the Granny McPhee afghan.

These are my first two...and from someone who never liked granny squares, this is strange. Mainly because I'M LOVING THESE! ;o)  The top one is suppose to have a Mint edging, but it looks a bit blue.


  1. I should have joined this swap . . I LOVE the Granny McPhee look . . . just didn't want one as large as the one the group will be making.

    I think Granny McPhee, the title of the movie, was a Mary Poppins-ish sort of character.

  2. I think it was Nanny McPhee (but I could be wrong -- it's happened before). I do love these colors. They're not going to be 12" ones this time?

  3. Very pretty granny squares - they look so cheerful.

    Have a very happy weekend and Happy Mother's Day!