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Monday, May 3, 2010

Starting a New Swap

I'm adding photos of the squares as I make them...this swap is based on the pattern by Doris Chan - an afghan based on the famous Italian designs/colors.  Here is the link, Provencal and it is a pattern in the Lion Brand: Just Gifts booklet.  We aren't using the pattern, but are just basing the colors and "look" on the photo of the afghan.

These are for the Provencal Swap - most people want Scarlet as their background to match the original afghan pattern - I and Mugsy chose Duckie, the bright yellow, as our background.The bottom yellow one is for her - the other two Scarlet ones are for "whomever".  The rest of the group all seem to have the same color request!

Boy, these sure are BRIGHT. :o) Quite a few to go.  First I have to finish the Hexagon afghan....soon.


  1. Great colors!

  2. I love them all! I think my favs though are the first two. I think the blue offsets the red very nicely. :o)