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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Baby Alice in her Smocked Dress


  1. I love this commnent business. I can ask you questions when I see a pattern instead of waiting.

    Was this pattern easy to do? I have it in a book and fell for it, but have been afraid to try it.

    Your little girl looks BEAUTIFUL in it.

  2. The pattern wasn't all that hard...just getting use to the front post stitch going hither and yon...I should have madeit in something not so heavy as it was HEAVY. But, luckily Alice was ready for it in winter! She is my 2nd granddaughter....wish she were my very own little baby! Her AND her sister. ;o) Now, do you get this message or is it only posted on the web?????

  3. Only on the web, at least so far, BUT that gives me a reason to come back.