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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bears & Donkeys & Mice & Elephants


  1. I think these would be soo cute if I knew how to read the graph. Can you please explain it to me real quick? Thanks!

  2. Well - according to what stitch you use. If you use a sc, you read right to left, and then turn your work and read left to right.

    If you are using the afghan/Tunisian stitch you read right to left all the time. You have to download the graph and print it fairly large so you can see the colors. Each colored square is one stitch.

    If you know how to use bobbins, that's the best way. There are some tutorials on the web that are a great help.

    Hope this helps!

  3. oh how awesome to have found you, I hope to be able to start some afghans soon and pillows. I want to do tunisian and cross stitch on later. Do you reccomend DK weight yarn for graphs.
    marlib7 on ravelry