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Monday, September 26, 2011

Too cute! - The Baby Porcupine

Want to make a REALLY CUTE potholder?  Try this Tutorial.  It is for this potholder below!

Now this little fellow  directly below is beyond cute! 


The bottom photos are of the Cat House….my once feral cat that can't come into the house due to the dogs who are not friendly, and the hubby who is not terribly cat friendly himself. ;o)

It is finished…one room, two windows in the room and a little observation room with a deck,  two little windows, and a cat door so he can get out and sit on the roof…or even on top of the observation house.  So cute - and he seems to like being in there quite a lot. Has toys, food, blankets, rugs, cat scratching post, and ramps going up and down, plus a little "attic" with a fuzzy blanket where he sleeps and can look out the big front window. The insulated steel door has a little cat door on the bottom.  When he finally gets use to it he will come and go as he pleases…well he does now, but he goes OUT but doesn't come back IN so I have taped it open for the time being.

Talk about spoiled!

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  1. I want o know more about the baby porcupine . . . I thought it was an amigarumi in the 1st picture then realized it was real . . waas he as soft as he looks?

    Now, how about some pictures from inside the cathouse . . .it does look comfy for winter.