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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

From Paula...SPRING!

Yesterday afternoon a large envelope arrived which had this in it....

The first one I opened had LOTS of butterflies!

They all have their own thread so that I can hang them in a window......

And then there was a plate, and then some Lemonade and matching forks! Picnic!

But it did not stop there....Lunch! Tuna, Animal Cookies, Chocolate and a beautiful Garland!!! Long and Bright and Beautiful....oh, my!

Up close and personal....can you see the thread for the Butterflies? 

Here they are all strung out....see the toilet paper cardboard? The Butterflies lived there from New York to Idaho...they were soooooo happy to be free!
I am, OF COURSE, going to use these in the store to show people just how beautiful crochet really is, and how versatile!!
It is a CROCHET STORE after all!

Have a great week, and hopefully you will want the pattern as much as I so we will all have to go en masse to her web site and find it!
Or ask......


  1. I forgot to tell you, I purposely (is that the correct spelling?) starched the flowers in differnt shapes . . no perfect flowers from this girl . . LOLOL

    Now, to be honest, I liked it better without the starch, but the leaves curled. SO I started starching them and then thought, what the heck, do the flowers also. So, when dirty, this can be washed and will look pretty good "0}

  2. Ooo dear friend, You are so lucky. You had so pretty gifts.. I like colorful butterflies so much... And also the plate is so pretty I like the lemon and orange pics on it.. You had a very good weekend.. Best all wishes...

  3. I love butterflies, as well, and you've made such wonderful items as a gift. Lovely hands could really create these lovely flying creatures out of thread in a pretty amazing way. Thank you for sharing the gift.