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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Easter Bonnet

I finished an Easter Bonnet for my grandchild.  At this point I don't know for sure if  1) it will fit, and  2) if she'll wear it and keep it on!  I was having a problem getting the "right" ribbon.  

I am in the process of making a dress to go with it.  Sleeveless bodice in yellow with a lace skirt in light beige to match the hat.  Easter comes two day's before her 2nd birthday.  I actually think these colors are a little too drab for her - the yellow might be a bit too pale - so I may change the ribbon and/or so something else to "spruce it up" a bit.  Flowers?

She has a lot of pizzaz, and so should her clothes!

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  1. Here I go again.

    I want this pattern for my stash too :-}