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Monday, January 21, 2008

My Bro's New Winter Cap

I worked feverishly yesterday to finish a hat for my brother...he rides a bike and wears all sorts of warm things which still allow him to ride and have good movement.  I thought a nice warm hat to cover the cover-up might be just the ticket.  I decided to make it a little denser, since crochet can be a bit airy.  I used wool, and single crocheted the crown, then used a half-double to give it a bit more stretch when I switched to the dusty green.  Back to the cream and the single crochet for about three or four rows, and then tried a new stitch.  It is a raised post, or relief stitch, using double and treble crochet.  I used a 3 cm. crochet hook to help with the density.  Then when I made it to the edge I went back to single crochet except only in the front loop...then double crocheted one row in the back loop, then two more rows done regularly.  I folded it over (with the front loop from the first double crochet row as the bottom guide) and stitched it inside so it would give him a bit more warmth around the ears.  What do you think?

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