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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rose Colored Booties for Baby!

Hi there!
So here are the new booties.  They're from a pattern on the web site for Garn Studio (See link below).  The patterns are free, and awesome.  I changed the flower by adding another smaller flower in the middle giving it more petals, which I believe makes it delicate.  

I added a Beatrice Potter button on the back.  The theme is right, but I'm not so sure the button helps any.  The Alpaca photographs a bit "hairy" so I had a hard time finding a good shot.  These will be for the new baby coming in May, and I'll be making a hat or sweater to match sometime before then.

I'm in the midst of making myself a winter hat (I have a hard time making myself anything) so that may be the next post - or something.  We have had snow on the ground since before Christmas, so I think it is about time that I had something warm for my head. 

Until whenever, happy crocheting!

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