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Friday, March 14, 2008

Amy Jo's New Hoodie

I am almost done with the new Hoodie for Amy Jo, which is the same
pattern as the one for Alice Anne. I love the color, but it turned
out a bit heavier than I thought it would. I guess that is okay and
makes it more useful in cool weather. Right now the hood is on and I
am about ready to sew in the shoulders and sleeves then zip 'er up!
Still have to make the frog closure, which is a snap to do,
surprisingly. The yarn is Caron's Simply Soft in Soft Blue. I could
not finish size 2T with two skeins, so had to buy a third to finish
one inch on the hood. That's because I made the sleeves a bit bigger
and longer so it would last while she is growing into 3T.

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