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Sunday, March 9, 2008

The New Yellow Sweater

I was finally able to finish the new sweater for our grandchild. This is another pattern from the book "Simple Crochet for Cherished Babies" by Jane Davis.  Beautiful sweater, but the bad and the ugly is that this pattern did not show the button hole at the neckline . I find that the design of her sleeves make the shape rather stair-stepped.  If I make this pattern again I will use a better increasing/decreasing method to have a smooth line.

I improvised and sewed the button on top of the placket and put a snap underneath. The choice of buttons was wonderful as far as color, but the little daisy petals snag the button hole if you are not careful.  I added a wrist band to lengthen the arms a little. They can be turned back in if the sleeves are too long, and hopefully makes the usefulness prolonged. I think this is going to fit more like a sweater coat right now...hopefully she can use it for a long time while it turns into just a sweater. I used Feza "Baby" yarn, 100% acrylic. It is extremely soft, but picks easily. If I make the pattern again I'll use something different....and make the button hole.  I have to say, though, I do love what she creates even if the patterns are iffy.

I am on to another hooded jacket with a frog closure for this grandbaby (2 years soon).  That way she and her soon to be new baby sister will have something similar, but different!  I'd like to try an adult size in black if The Mama might like something to match the girls.

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