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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I have no idea how to get these photos to act normally.  The all want to bunch up weirdly on the page.  I need to take a class in this blog business!

These scattered photos are the ones I made for the Speedy Swap Exchange for the white group in Vanna's Choice.  Our "whites" consist of Lamb, Beige, White.  Not much of a variety, but amazing what you can do with color changes in the same pattern.  My most favorite is the top left, but the bottom one and the top one in the stacked photo are close seconds.  I like that color combo better than the white and lamb on the bottom of the stacked set.  Sent 3 out, and already have three from one of the group...all three in white in the same pattern!  Just what I wanted ... 3 of the same pattern and color(s).  I wanted an afghan with some semblance of unity.  For my whites I may make the top one if I get up the nerve as it was a bit hard for me.

Time for sleep!  G'night.  Tomorrow I will post my Va-Va Victorian Squares in Cranberry, Burgundy, Dusty Green, Beige and Olive.

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