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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crochet 101: The Anatomy of A Square - Cat's Corner Part I

I found a way to make a double crochet "in the air" that keeps you from having to make the chain three when you change colors.  See photos below for my color changing method.

There is a great YouTube showing how to make the dc when you aren't changing colors in the next row.  Basically when you are done with the row and have pulled up the loop at the end, instead of chaining three you just extend the loop up to about the size of a dc, and wrap it around your hook as you would do a YO, then go into the bottom loop from whence it comes and draw up a loop.  Treating it as a regular dc, you just make it one!  It looks great and saves you from making the dreaded chain 3.  I'll post a link in the next post.


Beginning - wrap yarn as it it is a dc

Pull through a loop and work it off as a dc

Then work all the way around in your dc pattern

Ending the row - but don't pull up that last loop!

Pull this loop out (under pen) (other loop on hook should not really be there)

Pull all the way through

Loop now pulled out

This is the way to end the row - 2 loops on the hook

Now YO with yarn from the undone loop

Pull it through the last two loops

and now pull it all the way out!


  1. Now THIS is something I didn't know. I will have to try it.

    It is KOOL with a capital K!

  2. Thanks, I loved all. I hope to do beautiful corner now.
    God blesses you!

    Olinda - from Brazil